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CBD Product Information

We offer additional detailed product and informational CBD-specific FAQs listed under the CBD 101 section of our Wild Alchemy CBD Boutique site. Please click here to view them!

Can the Activated CBD Serum get you high?

Thank you so much for your interest in the Activated CBD Serum. This is a very common question and we are happy to address this!. Ojai Energetics CBD, which is the CBD we include in our Activated CBD Serum,  is a full-spect CBD, meaning it could incl

Who is Ojai Energetics and why did you choose to work with them?

The Activated CBD Serum is our first collaborated product and it makes sense that you may have questions about who we’ve chosen to partner with. If you’re familiar with our WeHeart program, you know that we only recommend other products or brands tha

What are the benefits of using CBD on the skin?

CBD is an excellent ally in skin wellness and vitality!. CBD is a powerful soother for the entire body and we love using it for skin in the same way. CBD is great for skin that is prone to reactions, sensitivities, or redness. CBD is also effective i

Why use both fat-soluble and water-soluble CBD?

Our Activated CBD Serum includes both a water-soluble CBD (100mg) and a fat-soluble CBD (50mg), so you’re getting the most bioavailable potential CBD skin care product that is available. We chose to combine these two powerful methodologies with great