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Can the Activated CBD Serum get you high?Updated a year ago

Thank you so much for your interest in the Activated CBD Serum. This is a very common question and we are happy to address this!

Ojai Energetics CBD, which is the CBD we include in our Activated CBD Serum,  is a full-spect CBD, meaning it could include trace amounts of THC. This potential amount is incredibly small and is still far lower than the legal limit and not enough to be detectable either by psychoactive experience or captured via testing. CBD is a non-intoxicating part of hemp plants, so CBD is not able to affect the body in the same way that THC can. 

We liken this possibility to that of eating a poppy seed bagel and the potentiality of opioids showing up on a drug test. It is incredibly small and unlikely, but just as poppy seed fluid can contain trace amounts of opioid alkaline, our CBD serum could contain trace amounts of THC. But neither will get you high.  

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