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Customer CareUpdated 5 months ago

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customer care praise

I really have had a great success with the face care line of products. I studied all the natural and essential oils and different product lines with their claims.. but it is way too much to learn and understand... and totally unnecessary with access to your product line. I am very grateful that your product line was developed and available to me to purchase with confidence. Thank you and all your staff with their assistance in my orders, everything has arrived in great condition, and timely here in Cuenca Ecuador. All our best to you and the family plus continued success with the business.

Thank you again,

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service a week or so ago with handling my refund. In today's market I hope the leadership at Annmarie Skin Care realize how important customer service is, EVEN WITH an excellent product :) I really appreciate the timely manner my e-mails were answered, the care that was shown via the language of your e-mails and the follow-up once my refund was processed. YOU along with an excellent healthy product line for my skin are the sole reason for my continued loyalty to and purchase of ASC products—which means I don't look to buy any other competitor products & I tell ALL my friends about you too! I am also taking the letter/local store campaign to Triad area stores (Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem, NC). I hope to see the products locally soon.

Very Kindly,

As a new customer, I’d like to tell you how much I appreciate the personal level of service. When I have had questions, I get a reply almost immediately (even on weekends)! When I order my products arrive quickly and always packaged carefully. And all your update emails and special offers really show you appreciate your customers. Thank you for that. Your products make me feel secure in using and every product feels nourishing and show remarkable results… The whole texture of my skin is better and living in Canada, can be really affected by our cold winters. I used your products all winter and had no dryness at all. I truly do love your products and the little lavender sachet that always accompanies them. Gracias por la sorpresa de cumpleaños.


I really appreciate the attention you give to all your customers. Your concern for your customers is extraordinary. Annmarie Skin Care products are the best I've ever found but even better than the pure, organic ingredients that go into your products is the awesome quality of your customer service. It really makes a difference!


I am in love with your amazing customer service... and your amazing products! You guys rock and the fact that you went the extra mile to help me out with the 20% off coupon I forgot to apply to my order went such a long way to win my loyalty! I am telling everyone about how fabulous you guys are. Who said customer service was dead? Not at Annmarie Skin Care it isn't!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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