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Did You Create New Sample Kits with Small Packets?

Yes! With our new Sample Kits, we decided to have them include one packet of cleanser & one packet of facial oil. These new packets actually contain more product than our old Sample Kits did, this way you get more use out of key products within each line.

We love these new packets because they are completely sealed, which means they won’t leak during transit. In the past a lot of customers experienced leakage which caused the need to reship the samples, this left our customers waiting longer amounts of time before they could sample our products. To keep the product fresh in between uses, simply add pressure to the opening at the top of the packet and it should seal back up! You will need 10 pounds of pressure (which is just a nice squeeze) to get the product out again.

We also made this switch with the environment in mind. Check out [this article]( on our blog for more details. :)

We hope this may clarify! Please write into [email protected] and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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