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Do you recommend Lotion as a Facial Moisturizer?Updated 2 years ago

Many people use lotions to moisturize their face. While some of them work, there are two issues that can come up when using them.

First off, since lotions are an emulsification of oil and water, they can go rancid quickly. BUT, most lotions you buy in the store DON'T go rancid fast. This is a sure sign that they are preserved with generally not-so natural preservatives.

So chances are your lotion has chemicals that you really don't want to put on your skin.

We make a lotion, but we recommend it as a body lotion. This is a thicker and emollient lotion that works best on less sensitive skin. It has a shorter shelf life (since it’s truly all natural) than anything you’ll find in the stores—about 1 year.

Secondly, lotions (because they are emulsified) are sometimes heated extensively. The heating process starts to cause the oils in the lotion to oxidize. To emulsify our lotions we heat the water to 60 c (140 F) and the oil/wax to 50 c (122 F.) This is much lower than most emulsifications and keeps most nutrients safe from heat damage.

Oxidized oils are not the best for your skin, particularly when you can use the pure, unadulterated oil that works just as well!

So, for both these reasons, we choose to use oils to moisturize our faces instead of lotions.

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