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Meet: Coconut Honey MaskUpdated a year ago

Thanks for looking more into our Coconut Honey Mask. This mask is a tried and true skin care classic. 

Nourish your skin with this unique, vitamin-rich mask formulated with pure Colorado mountain wildflower honey. Live enzymes and amino acids keeping skin looking smooth and plump. Coconut oil, high in lauric acid, soothes sensitive skin.

Here's a closer look at some of the key ingredients:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Nourishment comes naturally to pure extra virgin coconut oil. Coat your complexion with rich vitamins and super moisturization to fight dehydration and environmental stressors. 

Mountain Wildflower Honey: This natural humectant from the Colorado Mountains is equal parts nourishment, replenishment and purification. It helps absorb and retain moisture to the skin—plus its rich in active enzymes and gluconic acid, a mild alpha-hyroxy acid, offering brightening properties. 

We hope you enjoy this product of ours. It will really elevate your body care routine!

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