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Meet: The Palo Santo Hair and Body MistUpdated a year ago

While our other toning mists are ideal for the face, the Palo Santo Hair and Body Mist is an amazing aromatic body spray and room spray. 

Infused with crystals, the Palo Santo Hair & Body Mist is a non-toxic perfume and room spray that promotes healthy tresses and warms the senses. It’s formulated with a sustainably sourced blend of essential oils like palo santo, cardamom, and peru balsam for an earthy, grounding experience.

Here's a closer look at some of the key ingredients:

Palo Santo: Long revered for its sacred properties and deep, woodsy notes, our sustainably sourced Palo Santo can ease the mind and ground the senses with a soft medley of mint and pine. 

Cardamom: Cardamom is a spice from the ginger family with hints of fennel and eucalyptus. It serves as the heart-note of our non-toxic perfume anchoring its warm essence with a serenely resinous scent.

Peru Balsam: Peru balsam has a sweet armona with vanilla-tinged undertones. And, because it is a rich source of benzoic acid, peru balsam is naturally cleansing and acts as a purifying veil for hair and skin. 

We’ve also included in this blend notes of vetiver, nutmeg, pink peppercorn. 

We hope you love this new product of ours. It will really elevate your skin care routine!

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