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Where is my package during the COVID-19 Crisis?

We know it can be extremely disconcerting to not have received your package during the normal time frame.  We are definitely seeing so, so many packages delayed with the COVID-19 crisis and effects of the pandemic.  We are so sorry about this! 

Here is what you can do:

1. Keep an eye on your tracking information. If you are seeing updates to your package's movement - that is good news.  Even if it is past what your carrier has shared as the estimated arrival date, recent movement is good news.  :)

2. If you have not seen any updates to your package's tracking for several days, contact us at [email protected].  We are able to look into tracking info and asses whether your package might be lost in transit or just delayed.  Though we are able to access our fulfillment center's database, please note that we do not have access to our carrier's databases.  :/

Also please know that we are here to help and feeling the strain of many delays too.  We want you to have your goodies in hand, so we will work together to help!



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