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Who is Ojai Energetics and why did you choose to work with them?Updated a year ago

The Activated CBD Serum is our first collaborated product and it makes sense that you may have questions about who we’ve chosen to partner with. 

If you’re familiar with our WeHeart program, you know that we only recommend other products or brands that fit a very specific outline to align with our standards. It was that much more important to work with a brand that fully upheld our standards if we were to include them in our products. 

Ojai Energetics is the industry leader in terms of CBD knowledge, studies, and information. They are a philanthropic-hearted company in love with their CBD craft. Ojai Energetics offers the fastest acting, most bioavailable, certified organic CBD oil on the planet. No synthetics or synthetically modified compounds are used with this CBD oil.  Most CBD oil is not absorbed well by the body. Most CBD consumed is destroyed by the liver and stomach acids before it can even able to be used. This is because the body does not absorb fat molecules, and must encapsulate them in water inside the gut before they can be absorbed. Ojai Energetics has mastered the process for safety, efficacy, and technological sustainability for the craft and creation of CBD oil. 

Ojai owns patent-protected technology in their extraction process, and is intentional in creating a CBD that is made without synthetic fillers, has 3rd party batch testing results, and uses organic ingredients.

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