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Are Your Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?


All our Pure Essential Oil Blends, as well as the essential oils we use in our products, are therapeutic grade :)

Our formulator has been working with one EO company, The Perfumery, for over 10 years and has built trust with them. The owner actually had a university on essential oils and educated a lot in the industry on the corruption going on with essential oils and contamination. That being said—we do source from several different essential oil companies based on availability, organics, test results, and the overall scent of the finished product.

Many of our essential oils are certified organic and those oils are put through a pretty rigorous testing process in order to be certified. The essential oils that are not certified organic also go through a testing process for any contaminants, pesticide residue, and any additives. Testing is done through a lab that has thorough testing on contaminants that include toxicological and ecological information.

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