Wild & Beautiful Collective Rewards Program

How Do I Redeem My Rewards Points?


We are thrilled you've earned a reward!

Now it’s time to apply that reward to your next order and enjoy. We have updated this process to make it easier than ever to redeem your rewards and apply them to your order. The reward levels remain the same:  earn a $5 reward for every 500 points you earn. To use your rewards points, sign into your account by clicking here to review your point balance and to ensure your points will appear at check out :)

During the check out process, you will see a point slider to apply points to your order. Slide the bar to the amount you would like to apply to the order and click the purple redeem button to the right of the slider. The minimum redemption amount is $5 but you can go up in $1 increments from there.

The reward amount you select to apply to your order will be deducted from your order total and reflected in the checkout screen (example shared below). Your remaining point balance will automatically be updated after you place your order.

If you choose to not move forward with your order, no worries, your points will be placed back into your account if an order is not placed. Please note, it may take a few minutes to reflect the adjustment in your point balance. If you wish to move forward with your order but not use the points you applied, you can simply click the "x" next to the reward coupon to remove it from your order.

Please Note: Only one code can be applied to an order. If you have a promotional offer plus a reward, please reach out to our team and we will manually accommodate your offers.


Screen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_10.31.25_AM.png       Screen_Shot_2020-08-31_at_10.31.53_AM.png

Express Checkout 

If you have your information saved through ShopPay or one of the other express checkout options and the point slider doesn't appear, you will redeem a reward from your account. Select "My Account" in the upper righthand corner, then select the "Rewards" section within your account, next choose the discount you would like to apply and save that code in the "Gift card or discount code" open text box in the checkout.

Simply click the purple "Get Reward" button on the amount you would like to apply to your order. You will then select "Yes" if you would like to move forward with getting your unique code or "Not Now" if you've changed your mind. Once you select "Yes" your unique code is displayed. Copy that code and apply it in the checkout in the "Gift card or discount code" box. Please note this code will not be displayed again so make sure to copy it or write it down.

If you have any issues with either of these reward redemption processes, please let us know! Our Customer Care Specialists will take care of you :) Simply write in to for further assistance.


Collective Insiders Rewards Points Redemption for Subscription 

If you are an Insider, you can follow the above steps for non subscription purchases and use the point slider. For your subscription purchase, please Redeem Rewards from the Rewards section in your account to obtain the code to apply to your subscription order.


If you would like to apply the coupon code to your upcoming subscription renewal, please choose the "$ off next subscription order" option. 

Choose your rewards option, then click "GET REWARD".  Our system will first ask you to confirm that you'd like to redeem your points, once you click "Yes" it will then provide you with a coupon code for the dollar amount you selected. Copy your code at this time so you can paste it in your subscription account.

  1. From your Account page, go to "SUBSCRIPTIONS" at the top right  
  2. On the Subscriptions Portal, you will see your current subscriptions 
  3. Below the items on subscription you will see a box that says, "Apply Discount Code"
  4. Enter your code into the "Enter Discount Code" field
  5. Click "Save"
  6. To confirm, "Applied discount: (coded entered)" will show up in that field.

When your subscription is set to renew, the discount will apply naturally.

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