Wild & Beautiful Collective Insiders

How to swap out a subscription item


Insiders are able to swap items on their subscription with having to cancel or recreate a subscription. You can simply swap for a new item onto your upcoming subscription! 

  1. Log in to your account here
  2. Select My Account, go to "SUBSCRIPTIONS" at the top right
  3. On the Subscriptions portal, you will see a list of your current subscriptions 
  4. Scroll to the subscription you would like to adjust
  5. You will see a purple button that says “Swap”, click that!
  6. Enter the new product name or select it from the list provided
  7. Adjust the "Delivery Frequency", if needed
  8. Then click, “Swap Product” 
  9. Confirm all details on the next page, which is your main subscription page
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