I've already placed an order...

My Order Has Not Arrived, But the Tracking Number Shows That It Was Delivered.


If you’ve checked your tracking info and it says that your order was delivered, but you don't have it in hand, there are a few places where it might be hiding:

  1. Check with anyone who may have been home at the time the order should have been delivered, as well as neighbors to see if they may have accidentally received your order.
  2. Check around your front door, back door, mailbox, and garage (if you have one). Sometimes boxes are placed behind bushes or in a different area of the house - you may be surprised! 
  3. If you’re in an apartment and have a front desk, we’d recommend checking there. 

If you’re still unable to locate your package, please email our Customer Care Team at with your order number & shipping address, we’ll reship your order out to you ASAP!

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