How long do your full sized products last?


Great question! This can all depend on how often you use the products, and how many pumps you use when you do.

Since all of the products being different sizes and consistencies, we thought it would be easiest to give you the amounts for you to calculate and customize for your own personal use.

Our Aloe Herb Cleanser 50ml = 285 pumps

Our Aloe Herb cleanser 100ml = 570 pumps

Our Scrubs/Masks = approx 30 scoops

Coconut Body Oil 100ml = 608 pumps

Coconut Body Oil 200ml = 203 pumps (this pump is different, pumps larger amount out then the 100ml)

Facial Oils = 115 pumps

Serums = 128 pumps

Eye Cream = 32+ pumps

Toning mists = 400 pumps

Body lotion = 217 pumps

If you calculate the math, factoring in your own personal usage, you will be able to see how long each product will last you.

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