Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?


If you're the one who's pregnant, congratulations on your new addition! Yes, our products are okay for you to use during pregnancy.

With that said, we have to tell you there's jasmine oil in all 3 of our Anti-Aging products, lemon balm in our Aloe-Herb Cleanser and rosemary extract in almost all of our products (the rosemary extract is usually the last ingredient, so it's present in minute amounts).

Most herbalists usually recommend to stay away from pure essential oils (on their own) while pregnant, but it's a different story when they're blended because you're not inhaling that particular "harmful" oil directly, nor are you putting a significant amount on your skin.

Also, to help set your mind at ease, many of the toxicological studies done on herbs are looking for a toxic ceiling -- not the minute amount we have in our products.

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