How do I use Sun Love?


This product is great to use as a day to day facial moisturizer. It's also perfectly fine to use on the whole body as well, but since it's tinted, please make sure you keep it away from your white or light colored clothing.

To apply Sun Love on your face, spread the lotion evenly, but make sure you do not excessively rub it in. The thicker the application, the more zinc coverage you will have. Of course, you can blend it in around your face in order to get even coverage and color, but for best results, avoid fully massaging the product into your skin.

For body or facial use while active or in water, please reapply Sun Love every hour. It is natural and free of ingredients like silicones that make products water resistant, so reapplication after swimming or sweating is necessary.

In general, when outdoors we recommend covering up with a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing.

Finally for facial use, since this product is tinted, you can wear it alone for some subtle color, or apply your normal powder or foundation over it.

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