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How to Add a Coupon Code


Insiders now have the ability to add a coupon to their upcoming subscription on their own! 

Its now easily manageable to have your next subscription renew during a sale and have the code apply! 

  1. Log in to your account here
  2. From the Account page, go to "SUBSCRIPTION" at the top left
  3. On the Subscriptions Portal you will see your current subscriptions 
  4. Below the items on subscription you will see a box that says, "Apply Discount Code"
  5. Enter your code into the "Enter Discount Code" field
  6. Click "Save"
  7. To confirm, "Applied discount: (coded entered)" will show up in that field.

Aligning with a Sale Expiration

  1. Check the sale/coupon expiration date
  2. Update your renewal date to a date within the sale window
    • If the sale is from 1/1-1/5 make sure to choose a date prior to the 5th. Such as 1/1-1/4. 
    • This will ensure the coupons eligibility for your subscription renewal date
  3. Refresh the page to confirm the date change and coupon code has been applied properly
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