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Are Annmarie's Products Non-Comedogenic?Updated 2 years ago

All of our facial care products are non-comedogenic. However, there are some ingredients to note. :) Since the molecular structure of extra virgin coconut oil in this cleanser contains large fat molecules, this ingredient can be comedogenic for certain skin types and we usually recommend steering clear if you are prone to clogged pores.

Likewise, all of our facial oils have been formulated to absorb well into the deeper tissues of the skin and not clog pores. Skin types that are prone to excess oil may want to steer clear of very rich oils. If you have pores that may occasionally clog, our more moisturizing oils, like the Anti-Aging Facial Oil or Rejuvenating Facial Oil may not be the products for you. Instead, try one of our Herbal Facial Oils which are made with lighter-feeling grapeseed oil. :) 

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