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Are You Minerals Mined?Updated 2 years ago

This is a great question!  We, too, care deeply about the environmental impact mining can have on the earth!

We have made sure to source only from mining companies who are mindful around sustainability and safety.

The minerals that are in Annmarie's Mineral Makeup which are mined are the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The red, brown, and yellow iron oxides, as well as the sericite mica are all synthetically derived, and therefore not mined!

Here is some deeper information provided from our manufacturers regarding the mined minerals:

Zinc Oxide Manufacturer (Vigon International):

1) ISO14001 Certificate (This is a quality and environmental management system standard) - This certifies that they identify, prioritize, and manage environmental risks as part of their typical business practices.

2) BASC Certificate - This certifies they use the "BASC Control and Security Management System", which promotes the improvement of risk profiles, the continuous improvement of safety standards in our processes, and the strengthening of a safe trade.

3) The International Zinc Association -This manufacturer is an affiliated member of The International Zinc Association (IZA). Founded in 1991 with the objective of developing innovative programs in critical areas such as sustainable development and the environment, and the development of the market, technology and communications. All of its members in the zinc industry participate in the analysis and anticipation of issues that impact zinc globally, as well as in ensuring timely and appropriate action.

Titanium Dioxide manufacturer(Essential Wholesale):

1) Holds an ISO 14001 certification which is detailed above.

We hope this answers your question and don't hesitate to reach out if we can expand more!


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