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Are Your Products Certified USDA Organic?

Our products are not Certified USDA Organic because we, as a company, are not certified. It’s actually quite expensive to go through the certification process, while not always resulting in a better and/or more sustainable product. We prefer to spend this money on high-quality organic ingredients (while most of the time are certified themselves) instead of paying a certification board for their label.

On top of cost, we find that even to be certified organic there may be some loopholes—like allowing certain pesticides to be used at various times during the growing periods, which may actually create a product of lesser quality.

With that said, our mission isn't to fit in; it’s to stand out and to be above and beyond the other products out there. We feel that just because something is labeled “organic” doesn't guarantee it is good. What we can guarantee is that each product contains at least (often more than) 95% organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Some of the other certified organic companies out there may only contain 75% organic ingredients. Also, any non-organic ingredients used in our products are either wildcrafted, non-GMO, or sourced from companies using sustainable practices (or feel the same way we do about the certification process).

Here is a great blog article about our wildcrafted and organic ingredients if you'd like to check out more!

Lastly, here is another article that goes into more detail about why we chose not to be certified.

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