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Are Your Products Certified USDA Organic?Updated 2 years ago

Our website does not say that we’re Certified Organic and the reason is because we are not certified ;)

It’s very expensive to go through the certification process. We spend this money on high-quality organic ingredients instead of paying a certification board, who may still allow certain pesticides to be used at various times during the growing periods.

On top of cost, some certified organic ingredients are actually of lesser quality than the ones we use to make our products.  In this case, certifying our products could actually decrease the quality of them.

So with that said, our mission isn’t to fit in; it’s to stand out and above the other products out there.  We feel, that just because it’s labeled “organic”, definitely doesn’t necessarily make it good.

What we can guarantee is that each product contains at least (if not more) 95% organic and wild-crafted ingredients; unlike some of the other certified companies out there that only contain 75% organic ingredients.  Also, any non-organic ingredients used are either wild crafted, non-GMO, or sourced from companies using sustainable practices (or feel the same way we do about the certification process!)
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