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Coupon Codes

My Coupon Did Not Apply - What Should I Do?

We understand that sometimes in moving fast, you may accidentally leave your coupon code off or your order may process without that coupon code having been applied. Do not worry!  We are happy to help you out!  Please email us immediately at ask@annm

I've already submitted my order, will you please honor the coupon code?

As long as your order was placed within the appropriate time frame, we are happy to help by honoring that discount to your order! Please do not place a second order, as we are unable to make changes or cancellations to orders after they've been place

The item I want is out of stock, will you honor the coupon when it returns?

We apologize that the product you're looking for is out of stock. We make our products in small batches and are working hard on shipping more to our warehouses. We are happy to honor the current sale when things are back in stock! We appreciate your

Where to put a coupon or gift certificate

When you are checking out with your order, and after you've clicked on our "checkout" button, you should see a small box below your items that says "gift card or discount code". Input your information into that box and click "apply"!   Your gift card

I'm trying to use two coupons

Our system currently is unable to accept more than one coupon code per order.  We are unable to combine two coupon codes, but we are able to retroactively apply your coupon code to your order.     To use both a site-wide coupon and a loyalty points

Can I use a coupon on a sample set?

We definitely understand the desire to use a coupon code on a new sample set.  Unfortunately, because that product is already reduced in price, we are unable to allow coupons to be added on. Also, when purchasing the sample kit, you did receive a $10

Will You Accept a Coupon After the Expiration Date

Unfortunately, in most instances, we are unable to accept a coupon after that coupon code has expired.   While there are occasional exceptions, we are usually bound within the time frame of that special offer.   The great news is that we have special

Coupon Code Usage

We are super excited to share our coupons and promotions with you!  Please know that only ONE coupon code can be used per order on our website.  Our exception to this policy is to allow you to use your valid website coupon with your loyalty points di