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Text Message Notifications

How to Stop Text Message Notifications

How to Opt-Out: Just text “stop” to the same number! +1 (510) 210 9202 There’s a catch though—if you opt in and then you opt out with that number, we won’t be able to send you text messages anymore. So be sure that you want to opt-in or out before cl

Opt-In For Special Announcements and Coupons Via Text

With the texting feature we can also share great specials and important announcements via text! Opting in is really easy! Standard texting rates still apply. Just text Annmarie to +1 (510) 210 9202 We promise not to spam your message app but we do wa

Text Questions to Our Customer Care Team

If you’ve written into our Customer Care team, you know that we’re always working toward having the best team around with a focus on the easiest and most efficient ways to help you during regular business hours. We wanted to make it even easier to re