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How to Stop Facebook Ads

Facebook is unique in that they show you ads based on their own algorithms. The ads you are seeing regarding Annmarie Gianni Skin Care are not sent to you by us directly. Here is a brief article that might help you in turning off or reducing the amou

Can I Receive Fewer Emails?

Yes! We now have a frequency choice feature! The option is available at the bottom of every new email:  ____________________ If you click to "Manage Preferences", it will bring you to this page where you can choose "Select Emails", which will reduce

I No Longer Want to Receive Physical Mailers

We totally understand the desire to no longer receive our physical mailers! What you can do is contact us at [email protected] and share with us the following information: -The email address(es) associated with your profile and orders -Your firs

I’d Like to Unsubscribe From Your Emails.

We'd be sad to see you leave, but if you'd like to be unsubscribed from our mailing list please follow these steps: Open one of our recent newsletter emails in your inbox Scroll to very bottom of the email, locate where it says "No longer want to re