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Basic Skin Care Regimen for All Skin TypesUpdated a year ago

Below are a few skin care regimes for you depending on your skin type.

Normal Skin: We would suggest our Aloe Herb Cleanser twice a day (in the morning and evening), our Ayurvedic Facial Scrub two to three times a week, and our Neroli Toning Mist throughout the day. As a moisturizer, use our Herbal Facial Oil for Normal & Combination Skin after you cleanse and tone. If you want to get the most out of your toner, mix a little with the oil, since the oil will help drive the nutrient rich toner into your skin. It’s also best to exfoliate in the morning, so this is the best time to use our scrub. Enjoy playing around with the Purifying Mud Mask to cleanse your pores on days when they may feel clogged, or try out the Coconut Honey Mask when you may need some extra hydration.

Dry Skin: Use our Aloe Herb Cleanser or Phytonutrient Cleanser two times a day and our Ayurvedic Facial Scrub once per week. Use our Anti-Aging Serum and Anti-Aging Facial Oil each time you cleanse. Put on the serum first and then the oil after, or you can mix the two in your hand. Use our Neroli Toning Mist to mix with your oil and serum to help drive nutrients into the skin. You can also use our Neroli Toning Mist throughout the day. Again, it’s best to exfoliate in the morning, so use our scrub then. We love to use the Coconut Honey Mask one-two times a week, depending on how dry your skin is.

Our Anti-Aging Serum and Oil are very effective, nutrient dense products and you’ll find very quickly that they will restore your natural glow, and hydrate your skin in just a few short weeks.

Our Anti-Aging Facial Oil is very rich, so if you find that it’s too much for your skin, try our Herbal Facial Oil for Normal & Combination Skin.

Oily Skin / Clogged Pores: Use our Citrus Mint Cleanser two times a day, our Purifying Mud Mask two-three times a week, and our Rosemary Toning Mist throughout the day. Use our Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin every time you cleanse. You can add our Rosemary Toning Mist to our Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin to drive the nutrients from the rosemary into your skin. It’s best to exfoliate in the morning, so if your skin likes a nice scrub, we would recommend our Kaolin Micro Exfoliant. (Note: If you are experiencing painful clogged pores, be sure to be gentle with your skin and avoid scrubbing too hard.)

Our Citrus Mint Cleanser and Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin are both formulated to be slightly more purifying than our other cleansers and moisturizers and are perfect for those with oily skin. You’ll find that these products don’t feel oily and will start to balance your vital skin oils for a more even tone. Our Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is more intensely exfoliating than our Ayurvedic Facial Scrub and can help reduce clogged pores.

Combination Skin: If your skin is dry in some places and oily in others — particularly in your T-zone (your forehead, nose, and chin) — feel free to combine both the dry and the oily skin protocols where they’re needed. To do this, you would use the dry skin products on your dry spots and the oily products where you produce too much oil.

Sensitive Skin: Use the following regime morning & night. If you have sensitive skin that is normal to dry, use our Aloe Herb Cleanser. If you have sensitive skin that is on the oilier side, try our Rosemary Peppermint Body Wash as a gentle, yet purifying facial cleanser. Apply our Probiotic Serum with Tremella after cleansing—this probiotic-rich serum is very hydrating and soothing and can help bring your skin back into balance. The last step in your routine will be our Herbal Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin, which is an unscented product and deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. 1-2x a week you can use the Ayurvedic Facial Scrub to gently exfoliate and remove any build-up on the skin. 

Mature Skin: Use the same regime as dry skin, except use our Kaolin Micro Exfoliant instead of our Ayurvedic Facial Scrub. This is because mature skin generally needs more exfoliating than younger skin—you’ll definitely notice the difference right away. Also, use our Citrus Stem Cell Serum (in conjunction with the Anti-Aging Facial Oil) every morning and evening for 15-30 days before going onto the skin care regimen for dry skin. The Citrus Stem Cell Serum is a vitamin C rich serum with the the use of stem cells from oranges, designed specifically to renew the look of beautiful skin. This serum will leave your skin soft and supple, bright with a more even skin tone, and hydrated and revitalized.

Remember, for any skin type be sure to use our Anti-Aging Eye Cream after your serum application and before applying oil. Your skin around your eyes will look brighter and more hydrated immediately!    

If you have a specific skin concerns or goals for your skin not listed here and you need further help, please write to us with detailed info about your skin issues and/or skin care goals and we’ll help you customize a skin care routine. :)

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