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Difference Between Annmarie CleansersUpdated a year ago

A cleanser is meant to remove the day’s dirt, oil, buildup, makeup and impurities from your skin. This also preps your skin to fully absorb and enjoy the benefits of the rest of your routine.  

We’re here to help you make the best decision in finding the cleanser that works best for your skin. Read on to find the perfect cleanser for your skin needs.

How do you know which cleanser to use?

The best cleanser for your skin depends on your skin type. Keep in mind that your skin type fluctuates with your environment, age, diet and hormones—so your skin type may change, needing different cleansers depending on your circumstances. It’s important to ask yourself the following questions first before deciding on the best cleanser for you.  

What is your skin type?

Skin types fall into five main categories: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Try gently washing your face and leaving it to dry for 30 minutes. If your skin remains dewy with a sheen throughout this time, you most likely have oily skin. If your skin gets tight and dehydrated, you probably have dry skin. Your skin can also be a combination of both, and if your skin doesn’t lean either way, you’re most likely normal.

What other factors are affecting your skin type?

Maybe you live in a dry and arid climate compared to a humid one. Or perhaps the seasonal changes affect your skin. Are there times when you are traveling or more active? Has your diet changed or have you introduced new medications or supplements? Depending on your body and age, hormones may also affect your skin at different times of your cycle. Observe your skin to see what your skin needs, as life invariably takes us through change.

Annmarie Skin Care Cleanser Guide

Annmarie Skin Care has 5 unique and potent cleansers for your skin care journey. If you're unsure where to start, let this cleanser guide lead the way.

  1. Renew - Facial Cream Cleanser

The Renew Facial Cream Cleanser is the perfect introduction to Annmarie Skin Care products, formulated with organic plant-based ingredients but without any of our signature herb infusions. This gentle, pH-balanced cream cleanser dissolves impurities and removes makeup without stripping the skin’s natural oils or disrupting its sensitive barrier. Organic coconut oil and aloe vera combine to calm and moisturize, giving you soft, hydrated skin while essential oils of citrus and spruce uplift your senses.

Ideal for all skin types, this includes sensitive, oily and mature skin. Simply apply a couple of pumps to damp skin and rinse off for a nourishing, purifying cleanse. Refresh your skin with the Renew Facial Cream Cleanser and experience proven nature-derived ingredients.

  1.  Aloe Herb Cleanser

Rather than using harsh chemicals that strip your skin, the Aloe Herb Cleanser nurtures your skin, leaving it soft and nourished. A light blend of seed oils containing essential fatty acids keeps your skin naturally hydrated. Lemon balm calms and cleanses your skin, while rosemary rejuvenates your skin—balancing its oils. The formula also contains a dose of antioxidant-rich calendula flowers and hyssop that protect your skin from environmental stressors. You’ll get a deep, refreshing cleanse designed for toners, serums and facial oils to absorb easily and sink into your skin.

With its creamy texture, we recommend the Aloe Herb Cleanser for normal to combination skin and dry, mature skin types as it adds moisture to your skin. But if you’re working with extra oils on your skin or clogged pores (or you’re looking for a post-workout cleanser), this cleanser may be too moisturizing. Otherwise, the balancing nature of our Aloe Herb Cleanser and deep cleaning action make this cleanser perfect for daily use without causing blemishes. Learn more about our Aloe Herb Cleanser here.

  1. Citrus Mint Cleanser

Gently lift and balance excess oils with this pH-balanced, aloe vera-based gel cleanser. Our Citrus Mint Cleanser removes makeup and impurities without stripping your skin’s acid mantle with harsh chemicals or leaving any residue. Hand-selected herbs like lemon balm and rosemary clarify and purify, deeply cleansing and removing surface impurities for refreshed skin. Calming witch hazel and neem tone and balance your skin’s natural oils while gently tightening the look of enlarged pores. Additional skin-nourishing ingredients like calendula flowers, lavender, olives and comfrey leave your skin clean, smooth and glowing.

Our Citrus Mint Cleanser is ideal for oily, normal to combination skin types, and if you are struggling with clogged pores. We also recommend this gel cleanser for post-workout cleanses to cut through the grime that builds up and gets trapped in the skin from sweating. Though we typically don’t recommend this cleanser for dry skin, if you are dry but are struggling with clogged pores from environmental factors—you can use this cleanser and follow up with a hydrating serum and a protective moisturizer. Learn more about our Citrus Mint Cleanser here.

  1. Restorative Cleansing Oil

Part of the Wild Alchemy Collection, our Restorative Cleansing Oil deeply nourishes–clarifying, moisturizing and softening your skin. This gentle oil sweeps away impurities and removes makeup while strengthening the skin’s delicate barrier. Organic golden jojoba oil is a glow-promoting emollient that seals in moisture and boosts the skin’s defenses with vitamin E. Manuka oil and tea tree oil balance, purify and clarify your skin—soaking in excess oil and soothing the look of temporary redness for calmer, clearer skin. Rich in fatty acids, organic castor oil reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a plump, firmer-feeling complexion. Uplifting notes of lemongrass, lavender and geranium finish this cleansing blend.

The Restorative Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily or sensitive skin. Best used daily, morning and night—simply apply with your fingertips, massage slowly and thoroughly into the skin, then let it sit. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth, or follow with your preferred cleanser for a double cleanse. Learn more about the Restorative Cleansing Oil here.

  1. Phytonutrient Cleanser - Activated Facial Cream Cleanser

Our pH-balanced Phytonutrient Cleanser is the first step of our Wild Alchemy Collection. Elevate your cleansing experience with exotic, activated ingredients from around the world, deeply cleansing while nourishing and moisturizing your skin. Aloe-steeped apple extract, with its potent brightening properties, gently lift excess oil and grime, softening and renewing the look of your skin. The nutrient-dense fatty acids and omegas of organic coconut oil and açaí oil create a smoother complexion. Luscious mango seed butter and life everlasting flowers hydrate and protect your skin from environmental stressors. Combined with our unique signature serum blend, this cleanser delivers essential hydration for a calm, smooth and more restored complexion. Finished with lavender, lemon, bergamot and litsea cubeba, your senses are uplifted and alive.

Best used morning and evening, our Phytonutrient Cleanser is ideal for all skin types, including dry, mature and sensitive skin. For a deeper cleansing experience, apply to dry skin first and massage for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. Hydrate and restore your skin with our most lavish cleanser while leaving your skin impeccably smooth and cleansed. Learn more about our Phytonutrient Cleanser here.

Which cleanser will you choose?

It can be hard to determine which cleanser to go with, even with the information you have. You can find support by either taking our tailored skin assessment or scheduling a skin consultation with one of our knowledgeable skin care experts. 

Once you’ve decided on a cleanser, try it out and observe your skin. Notice if you’re still needing a deeper cleanse or feeling too dry. Allow your skin some time to transition, especially with using natural products. And feel free to continue exploring until you land on the perfect cleanser for your skin needs. 

You can mix and match our cleansers pairing any cleanser with our Restorative Cleansing Oil or try following up with a scrub for that additional cleansing boost. You can also explore using different cleansers in the morning and evening. 

Every solid skin care routine starts with your cleanser. So elevate your cleansing experience with proven plant-based ingredients in all of our natural cleansers for your best glow yet. 

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