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Do you products have Sodium Benzoate?Updated 2 years ago

The sodium benzoate was needed in a sub ingredient as a small percentage (0.01% to be exact) of the total formula.

We have been working on a formula for about 6 years now and have communicated with many different formulators on what is best for hair care products like shampoo and conditioner. There are a lot of very toxic preservative systems being used that we chose to avoid. Instead, we altered the formula as needed to use this one. This is the cleanest possible preservative to go into this type of product. And at the % that it's in, we felt comfortable moving forward with using it.

We would like to mention that a lot of formulators that we connected with for this product advised us to not list out all of the ingredients at this small %, as it’s not mandatory. That is NOT something we will ever do, as we believe in full transparency and are committed to always provide truth in labeling.

We love to highlight that our Shampoo and Conditioner are both Made Safe verified. Every single ingredient went through an approval process so that we can gain this approval. You can see their screening process here to see more about what ingredients are not allowed.




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