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Do You Recycle Miron Glass?Updated a year ago

Great question! We like where your head's at ;)

As of right now we do not have a program to recycle our glass bottles. We have consistently searched for ways to create some sort of recycling program for our bottles, but have not figured out a way that makes sense just yet. We will continue to look into this every year (as we desperately want to make it happen!) and see what's feasible.

Until we figure something out, here are some things you can do with them...

- Recycle them at home. Just remove the lids and put them in a glass recycle bin.

- Reuse them. Some ideas are putting flowers in the bottles and used them as a small vase. You can also use them as a candle holder. The jars are also great to store small keepsake items in! 

Here is a blog article we wrote with more ideas:

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