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Eye Cream vs Eye SerumUpdated a year ago

We like to think of the Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum like we would think of a serum for the face. The serum step helps to provide deep hydration to your skin, penetrating the different layers to plump and hydrate. After any serum you want to apply some sort of moisturizer, and for the sensitive skin around the eyes, we suggest this Anti-Aging Eye Cream. What a moisturizer does is helps to lock in all that hydration from the serum while conditioning the top layer of your skin.

These two products were made to work and complement each other.

Both have ingredients that are specific for the skin around and near the eye as that area of the face has thinner skin.

If you want a deeper explanation of the ingredients that are used we have listed out the key ingredients and their benefits on our website under each product, we even add in some pictures so you can see the plant we are talking about 🙂

Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

If you want to use the Fruit Ceramide Eye Serum with out the Anti-Aging Eye Cream, we suggest using your daily moisturizer, but of course always spot check the sensitive areas around the eye first.

We're here for you if you need anything more!

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