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How Do I Use Sun Love?Updated a year ago

Our Sun Love is great to use as an outdoor, day to day facial moisturizer. It's also perfectly fine to use on the whole body as well. 

To apply Sun Love on your face, shake before use and spread the lotion evenly to dry skin, after applying your daily moisturizer. 

For body or facial use outdoors, please reapply Sun Love every 2 hours. While if you are swimming or sweating, reapplying more frequently would be optimal. It is natural and free of ingredients like silicones that make products water resistant, so reapplication after swimming or sweating is necessary. Additionally, if you're spending your day in the sun we recommend covering up with a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing.

Finally, our Sun Love is not waterproof and is reef friendly. It is 50ml and should last between 1-2 months with daily application. It is great for all skin types and goes on sheer. The product lasts 2 years before expiration. 
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