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How to add a new item to your subscriptionUpdated 2 years ago

Insiders are able to add new items to their subscription without placing new orders through the website. You can simply add a new item to your upcoming subscription! This will ensure that your items will ship together, saving on shipping costs! 

  1. Log in to your account here
  2. From the Account page, go to "SUBSCRIPTIONS" at the top right
  3. Within your subscription view, you will see your current active subscriptions 
  4. Click on the purple box that says "Add a Product"
  5. Search for the product to add from the pop-out box on the right
  6. Edit the Quantity (if you would like more than 1)
  7. Select One time or Subscription; in this case to add to your subscription, select "Subscription"
  8. Select your desired Delivery Schedule
  9. Confirm your Ship To address
  10. Populate your First Ship Date
  11. Then click, “Add Product” 
  12. Confirm all details in your "Delivery Schedule"

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