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How to swap out a subscription itemUpdated 7 months ago

Insiders are able to swap items on their subscription without having to cancel or recreate a subscription. You can simply swap for a new item onto your upcoming subscription! 

PLEASE NOTE: The subscription discount is applied per product; it is not applied to your account overall.  If you swap one product for another or even the same product (different size), you are subject to what the current discount is for that product at the time the swap is made.

(here is a video on how-to!)

  1. 1. Click on the “Subscriptions” tab in your account.
    2. Then, click “Edit” for the product you want to swap.
    3. You’ll then see your subscribed product under “Your Subscription” and you’ll want to click on the “next” arrow, which will open up a sidebar.
    4. In the sidebar, click “Swap Product” and find the same product at the increased discount, (which is automatically applied).
    5. Click the “Swap Product” button and wait to see the “Success” messaging!
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