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My Coconut Body Oil Is Solid. What Do I Do?Updated 2 years ago

Our products are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. What this means is that the ones that contain pure coconut oil may solidify. Virgin coconut oil in its natural state will solidify at room temperature. It naturally melts and becomes liquid at 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

To liquefy before use, follow these instructions:

  1. Put warm water in a bowl. 
  2. Place the Coconut Body Oil in the bowl and allow it to sit for a few minutes. 
  3. Shake it up really well. 
  4. Use and enjoy! 

Note: Repeated warming of the oil will not affect its quality or degrade its chemical structure!

We understand that softening the oil is a small inconvenience—doing so is just part of the fun of not having any chemicals or skin damaging alcohols in our products! (Makes you wonder about all the other products, doesn’t it?)

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