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My Product Looks, Smells, or Feels Different Than Last Time.Updated 2 years ago

Don't worry if your product seems a bit different than you remember! Because we use completely natural ingredients, the color, scent, consistency, or texture may vary between batches. Please know that our products are still as effective as they always have been!

We like to compare this variation to growing grapes for wine. Sometimes between seasons, the grapes have different sugar levels and mineral content. We embrace this fact and believe this is just part of using truly natural ingredients in our products.

Another thing you may want to keep in mind: Our products (serums in particular) tend to be very light in color when you first receive them & they are fresh. As they age, they can take on a more dark, rich color. This does not mean your products are less effective or potent in any way, this is a natural & normal process that is to be expected because we do not use preservatives. 

If you receive a product that is concerning to you based on smell, color, or texture - please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

We are here to help!

We hope this may clarify! 

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