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Our Jade SourcingUpdated a year ago

Our jade has been fully certified. It is made of high quality Xiuyan Nephrite Jade from the Xiuyan County of Liaoning Province. This type of Jade was the first ever discovered in China and has been used since ancient times for carvings, and other practices including skin tools, like ours! It’s considered “traditional jade.”

These jade stones come in a range of rich colors, as they contain many different minerals, chemicals and rocks, depending on where they were mined. This wide-ranging variety of color is exactly what makes this type of jade stone so beautiful, like a sea of green. Color, transparency, and luster all vary per stone! Each Jade Stone Roller or Gua Sha Tool will be unique, just as the stones are.

It is believed that Jade Stone can help boost vitality and beautify the look of skin. Using the tool is gentle and soothing, and working with it daily can help to rejuvenate the skin!

A tip that we love is to use it after applying your serum, to maximize absorption! We recommend using it daily to induce a clearer, firmer, smoother complexion.

If you have any other questions, we are here for you!

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