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Product Subscription Policies—How to start, cancel, and editUpdated 2 years ago

In August of 2015, we began a product subscription service that automatically delivers to the customer every 30, 45, 60, or 90 days. This feature is entirely optional and is available for most of our individual full-size products, as well as our Favorite Brands Marketplace products. All product subscription orders automatically receive a 10% discount per product (unless listed otherwise), as shown in the product price once the "Collective Insiders" option is chosen. *All subscription prices are subject to change to reflect retail price increases.


To sign up for product subscriptions, simply click the "Subscribe: Collective Insiders Save 10%" option next to the product's image on that product's page. Then choose your desired delivery range, and add the item to your cart. Checkout as normal and your product subscription will go into effect.

A valid credit/debit card or PayPal account are the only acceptable forms of payment for product subscriptions, gift cards are not applicable because we cannot continuously charge them. If you would like to place your order with one, we can refund you for the amount of the gift card & manually mark the gift card as "used". Simply email us with your order number, gift card code, and the gift card amount :) 


If you have a discount you would like to apply to your very first product subscription order you may do so during the checkout process in the "gift card or discount code" field. That discount will not be applied to future recurring orders. To add a new discount code to an upcoming order please click here for instructions.


This includes your shipment date, quantity, delivery schedule, payment method, and/or shipping/billing address.

1. Access your account subscriptions by logging in here.

2. Select "Subscriptions" from the top menu bar.

To Manage Your Frequency:
  1. Select "Edit" on the subscription product you wish to update
  2. Select "Delivery Schedule"
  3. Choose the interval that works best for you from the popout menu options
  4. Press the "UPDATE" button
  5. Ensure your frequency has been successfully updated

Please visit our How to Choose Your Frequency page to help guide you!

To Edit Next Shipment Date:
  1. On the product you'd like to change, select "Edit"
  2. Select "Next Charge Date" and choose a date from the calendar on the right.
  3. Then press the "UPDATE NEXT SHIPMENT DATE" button
  4. Ensure your ship date has been successfully updated
To Swap a Product:
  1. On the product you'd like to change, select "Edit"
  2. Select the current product section on the next screen and a side window will pop out on the right
  3. Select "SWAP PRODUCT"
  4. Search or select from the list for the product you would like to swap
  5. Choose quantity and delivery schedule (frequency)
  6. Click "SWAP PRODUCT"
  7. Ensure your swapped product has been successfully updated
To cancel your subscription:
(Please review the Insider Perks you will be losing access to by canceling your subscription here)
  1. Select "Edit" on the subscription product you would like to cancel
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select "Cancel Subscription"
  3. Choose cancellation reason
  4. Ensure your product was successfully cancelled
3. Please refresh the page to ensure that the change has been made. 
4. Click on "SUBSCRIPTIONS" to review your account information

**Please note: We recommend making any changes to your product subscription schedule at least 2 days before the next order date. This will ensure all updates are registered in our system before an order is placed. Once an order is submitted, our system automatically starts processing it and we’re not able to make any modifications, which includes canceling or modifying orders. It is the responsibility of the customer to make any cancellations or edits prior to the order being placed. 







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