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What do I do if my Coconut Honey Mask arrived grainy?Updated a year ago

We are so sorry to hear that your Coconut Honey Mask has arrived grainy, instead of in its soft consistency!

We completely understand your unhappiness with it arriving like this—we've been noticing that with the temps warming up, it might be melting in transit and semi-resolidifying. The Coconut Oil solidifies at different rates than the honey, and with that oil in particular, it may start to form "coconut crystals".

We know this is not ideal, but want to assure you that your product is still good and can definitely still be used.

What we can suggest is to melt it all down again, and allow your product to re-solidify in a cool place—Take your closed jar of the Coconut Honey Mask and run it under warm water for 3-5 minutes. Then remove and open the lid carefully, to not get any water inside of your mask. At this point, your mask should be completely melted. Mix it slowly at room temperature to re-solidify. If you have an AC or chill air, being near that while it solidifies would be best, do not refrigerate to re-solidify. Then, store it in a cool place.

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