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What do I do if my Palo Santo Body Butter arrived not completely full?Updated a year ago

We are sorry to hear that your Palo Santo Body Butter arrived seemingly incorrectly filled!

Due to its melting, the whipped consistency has changed to a liquid and it appears to be filled with less product. The whipped consistency in all actuality holds some air in the product, which appears to be a larger volume. After melting, the product's weight is the same but looks lower / less volume. 

The volume of a product will differ from its weight. The net weight of the Palo Santo Body Butter should be approx. 117g. Accounting for some of the body butter overlapping into the lid, and the discrepancy that another scale would provide if you were to weigh it yourself. it would seem that you received a jar that conformed to our fill level :-)

It's best kept in a cool environment. To expedite use, mix it slowly at room temperature. If you have an AC or area with chill air, letting it rest near that while it solidifies would be best. 

Then, store it in a cool place. The product is still good; this is the nature of a pure, all-natural butter made with no wax.

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