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Your Prices are Too HighUpdated a year ago

We understand the concern about the cost of our prices.  We want to let you know that we do our best to keep our costs as low as we possibly can while still offering the highest quality products possible. We create complex formulas with integrity by using the best organic ingredients we can find. Our goal is for our prices to be a true reflection of the value, quality, and attention that goes into each of our products.


If you're interested, this article talks about our organic and wild-crafted ingredients.


We believe that our 3-step, proprietary process sets us apart in the skin care industry & makes our line truly unique. To take a peek inside our lab & see some pictures, check out this article!


We tell people "a little goes a long way" with our products, and it's true! With that said, we want it to be possible for everyone to enjoy our organic skincare, and we offer lots of promotions so you can snag some deals! Here are the two best ways to stay informed on current promotions and discounts:


We send out newsletters that can highlight our promotions. You can find where to sign up on our main page:


We also encourage you to check into our Essentials Collection here. This line is a blend of simple scents with proven plant-based ingredients.  It's a great intro to our line!  

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