Honest. Wild. Beautiful. Tribe Rewards Program

How Do I Refer a Friend?


Thank you for wanting to introduce someone new to our line! We really appreciate it.


  1. Once logged in and viewing your account, click on "Honest. Wild. Beautiful Tribe" within your customer account.
  2. Click "Refer Friends".
  3. To refer a friend directly, please click Email and enter your friend's email address. You can also share this directly on Social Media as well.

Please note: If your friend is already an Annmarie Skin Care customer or has placed any orders on our website they are not eligible for this promotion.

  1. Once your friend clicks "Get Your $25 Discount Now" from their referral email or post, they will be taken to our site in a new window. A pop-up will then load on our site to display their unique discount code. Once that code has been used on their order, you will receive your referral points in your account!

You can check out our rewards page for some handy screen shots of this process!


Thank you for referring your friend to our line!! In order for you to receive your points, your friend must use the discount code that was emailed to them. Once that code is used in our system, those points will automatically be added to your account.

If you are having any trouble with our referral system, please write or call in and one of our Customer Happiness Ambassadors will help you out. :) 

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