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Wild & Beautiful Collective Rewards Program

How Do I Add My Birthday

If you want to receive automatic points for your birthdays in the future, it helps to enter your birth date under your account.   Login and then click on, "REWARDS" on the top right. Next, click "Earn Points" on the left panel, and then choose the "A

Changing Email on Profile

If you are needing to change the email address associated with your profile, email us at [email protected].  Please include your current email and address and the email address you'd like to be using.  Please note: if a profile exists already wi

How Do I Redeem My Rewards Points?

We are thrilled you've earned a reward! Now it’s time to apply that reward to your next order and enjoy. We have updated this process to make it easier than ever to redeem your rewards and apply them to your order. The reward levels remain the same:

How Do I Refer a Friend?

Did we hear that you love our products so much you want to share them with your friends?  Awww!  We really appreciate it! Here's what you're going to do: HOW TO REFER:  Once logged in and viewing your account, on the left hand side under "Redeem Re

How Do I Use My Rewards Points With Another Coupon Code?

If you are wanting to use more than one coupon alongside a valid discount code for our website, we are happy to help!  We are able to apply your rewards points to your order retroactively in the form of a refund.   Here is what you will do: 1) Apply

Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

We are so excited to share with you our rewards program.  :) Our rewards program began on January 1st, 2016. All orders placed after that date begin to accrue points. Here is what you need to know:-For every $1 spent, 1 point is accrued. -Points can