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I am having issues receiving my gift cardUpdated 2 years ago

Oh dear!  We are so sorry that you are having an issue with receiving your gift card!! Once the order has processed, our system automatically emails it to you.


Let us know if this did not come to you by emailing us at [email protected]


If it does not pop up, please check your "Promotions" tab or do a search for, "Gift Card" or more specifically, "Your Annmarie Skin Care gift card is ready!" and it should pop up!!


After you've located and opened it, please click the purple button that says "VIEW GIFTCARD" to view your gift card. :)


If you've purchased it for someone else, you can forward them the email, print out the gift card, or write down the gift card code in a card of your choosing!


*All of our Gift Cards are valid for 5 years after the issue date unless your state law says otherwise. In that case we will follow state guidelines.



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