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I've already placed an order...

I am having issues receiving my gift card

Oh dear!  We are so sorry that you are having an issue with receiving your gift card!! Once the order has processed, our system automatically emails it to you.   Let us know if this did not come to you by emailing us at [email protected]   If it

I believe someone stole my package

We are so sorry to hear that your package may have been stolen. We can only imagine the disappointment after your excitement around receiving your goodies.   Please contact us directly to discuss: [email protected]

Why Am I Charged Taxes? Is this correct?

We have double checked our system and have been assured that all of the taxes calculated are based off of the parameters each city, state, and county have provided us. Please note that these taxes are based off of your billing address. Most systems l

I Accidentally Ordered the Wrong Products, What Should I Do?

We totally understand if you ordered the wrong products! If your order consists of one item and that one item was not what you meant to order, you can either refuse that package when it arrives to you or write on the unopened box "return to sender" a

Can I Cancel My Order?

Once an order is submitted, our system automatically starts processing it and we’re not able to make any changes, which includes canceling orders. We apologize for any inconveniences! What you may do, however, is refuse the package once it's delivere

I Haven't Received My Order Yet.

*COVID-19 Update: Arrival time may vary due to an influx of shipping while we "shelter in place". We can not guarantee the delivery timing, as the couriers are experiencing a greater amount of shipments during these times.   We're sorry to hear that

I Received the Wrong Product or Wrong Order. How Do I Fix This?

First off, we want to apologize that this happened! :( Let our Customer Care Team know at [email protected].  We ask that you include the order number, what you had ordered, and a photo of what you actually received.  Our Customer Care Team are

Does Purchasing a Sample Kit Sign Me Up For a Subscription?

Don't worry, we never enroll anyone in any sort of recurring payments or deliveries :) The Sample Kits are just a one time purchase to give you a chance to try the products before purchasing full-size bottles. When the time comes to purchase full siz

My Order Has Not Arrived, But the Tracking Number Shows That It Was Delivered

If you’ve checked your tracking info and it says that your order was delivered, but you don't have it in hand, there are a few places where it might be hiding: Check with anyone who may have been home at the time the order should have been delivered

The Company Name I Entered Is Not Showing Up On My Order Confirmation.

Don't worry if you do not see the company name (or any information you placed in the "company name" field) on your order confirmation. It still registered with our warehouse and will be put on your shipping label :)

Why Aren't Your Samples Larger?

Our samples are small in size but big on results. Please know that because we use such high quality, organic, and fresh ingredients, that the price of those ingredients are more costly. We assure you that the size of our samples reflects our costs to

Products In My Order Arrived Leaking and/or Broken.

We're so sorry if a product in your order may have leaked or broken in transit!  Please email our Customer Care Specialists at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist!  Please include photos of damaged packaging, items, or boxes for our q

How Do I Check My Order Status?

Thank you for your order! Here are the two ways to check on your order status. If you have a Customer Account: Here is a link to our "My Account" page, where you can sign in and view all your order information:

Why Is My International USPS Tracking Number Not Showing Tracking Information?

USPS typically only tracks packages while they’re in the United States and stops tracking them once they leave. Sometimes they update the tracking when the package has arrived and sometimes they don't. We're just as confused about this process as you

Why Was I Charged Customs Fees In Order to Receive My Order?

When shipping to certain countries, there is a charge or a brokerage fee to get through customs. Please know that when ordering in the future there will probably be a brokerage fee associated with picking up your order when you order through our onli

I Just Received a Shipping Confirmation and My Tracking Number Says, “Error”.

It typically takes 1-2 business days for all carriers to update their tracking information.Due to this delay, please check your tracking number again in a couple of days and your tracking info should populate.If you still don’t see anything, please e

Can I Make Changes to My Order After Placing It?

Thank you so much for ordering with us! At this time, we are not able to make any changes to orders once they are placed. This includes removing an item, adding an item, combining multiple orders into one, delaying shipment, upgrading shipping method

I’ve Had a Reaction to Your Products.

We’re sorry to hear you’ve had a reaction to our products! Please email us at [email protected] with your order number and which product(s) you had a reaction to. We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied! Once we receive that email, we can di

My Order Arrived With a Broken Bottle or Broken Pump.

One of the challenges with shipping glass bottles is that sometimes they break! The pumps, unfortunately, can break in transit as well. Please email us at [email protected] with your order number and let us know which items and/or pumps broke an

There's Something Missing From My Order.

Our shipping team strives to make sure that everything you ordered is included in your shipment. We're so sorry that something was missing & appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Please email our Customer Care Specialists at ask@annmariegian