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Why Aren't Your Samples Larger?Updated 2 years ago

Our samples are small in size but big on results. Please know that because we use such high quality, organic, and fresh ingredients, that the price of those ingredients are more costly. We assure you that the size of our samples reflects our costs to create them!

Our samples are only meant to last a couple of days. Please keep in mind that using a little bit of our products goes a long way and the amount in your sample kit is enough for most people to start seeing results—even in that short period of time.

Only about a dime size amount of product is needed per application, so if you try them you'll see that the samples do last longer than you might imagine :)

Also, when purchasing the sample kit, you did receive a $10 off coupon for a next purchase. So, as we’ve knowing set it up, if you like the samples and choose to purchase again they essentially were free.

Click here & locate desired Sample Kit. Once on the product page of the selected Sample Kit, look under the "For Best Results" section for both products in the kit. This is where you will find application instructions. 


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