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I want to place an order...

I want to add a gift note

We are so thrilled to be able to offer you a new feature on our website! Gift Notes!We understand that in the digital age people like to send presents straight from the web. What better way to let someone know you are thinking of them with a personal

Are Sample Kit Offers Free to Ship Internationally?

Our Sample Kits are only able to ship free within the US and Canada only. We are so sorry for any inconvenience with this! We do offer a 100% satisfaction on our products. So feel free to purchase a full size item or two that you are interested in tr

Do You Offer Free Shipping After a Certain Dollar Amount?

As much as we wish we could, we do not offer automatic free shipping after a certain dollar amount at this time, ie. "free shipping over $100".  We understand that shipping charges are a large factor of shopping online and this is something that we'r

Do You Deliver to PO Boxes?

We sure do! :) Just make sure that you do not select a UPS shipping option during check out, we have various USPS options available.

Can I Combine My Free Shipping Coupon with Another Coupon?

We cannot combine coupons, unfortunately. Our system will only allow the use of one coupon per order, our free shipping coupons are no exception. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Our Terms and Conditions For Online Orders

PLEASE NOTE: Once your order is submitted, it immediately begins processing, therefore we are not able to make any changes. This includes product changes, new address information, or cancellations. Please make sure all of your order information is co

I'm Having Trouble Logging Into My Account

We're so sorry that you are having difficulties logging into your account! Below are some possible solutions to explore: 1) You may have ordered on our site previously as a guest & not actually created a password associated with your email address.

How Do I Edit Or Remove Items From My Cart?

To edit or remove unwanted products from your cart, click on "Cart" in the right-hand corner of your page. Next to each product in your cart, you'll see "Price" and "QTY"(quantity). To edit the quantity, type the desired quantity in the QTY field. Th

My Credit Card Was Declined, But I Have Funds In My Account.

This can happen for a few reasons, but the most common would be an "AVS Mismatch". This means that the billing address entered, does not match what your bank has on file for you. If you check to make sure the billing information entered at checkout m

Can I Pay Using PayPal?

Yes! Please apply any coupon codes you'd like to use at the beginning of the checkout process, there will not be an opportunity to apply coupon codes after completing your payment through PayPal. Our coupon code policy is one coupon code per order. A

How Do I Buy Annmarie Skin Care?

Yeah!  We are excited you're interested in our products.  :) We sell our products on our online shop here.  We also have retailers that carry our products throughout the U.S. and in some international distributor locations. Those listings can be foun

Why Are Your International Shipping Costs So High?

We understand that shipping internationally can be expensive. We're doing our best to work with international shipping costs! Please know that the shipping choices that are shown on the website are the real cost of getting your order to you—including

How Much Would Your Products Cost to Ship to Me?

The best way to calculate shipping is to add the item(s) you would like to the cart and click on "Checkout." After entering your shipping address you’ll be able to choose a shipping method to find out how much it will cost. Please note that there is

I am having order issues, can you send me an invoice?

Yes! Please write to [email protected] and list out which items you would like to purchase, and any discount code names, if you might have one you would like to use. We will promptly send you an invoice with the discount which will make checking